Phyllis Bachand

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Artist Statement

My work has been shown in galleries in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC and Toronto, ON.  I have an undergraduate degree in Industrial Arts.  After school I worked in marketing research and planning and ran my own company for several years.  In  1989 I left the business world and attended the Corcoran School of Art where I studied sculpture and painting. I then went on to the Maryland Institute College of Art and received an MFA in 1991. 

My artwork was primarily in mixed media sculpture and drawings.  After living in Toronto, ON for 8 years I returned to the US in 2001 and began painting.  

The majority of my work has always been drawn from nature.  In the past my work was based on seed pods.  The nature of the pod or seed is a vessel, much like the womb that provides the nourishment for new life to form.  This led many of my critics to describe my work as an expression of the female character. My current work is a series of contemporary flower paintings in oil/mixed media.  The paintings are richly layered and show the history of the painting, exposing traces of preliminary drawings.

In my painting I try to project a sense of beauty but with a force of energy and vitality.  I want to give the viewer a reason to pause for reflection and time to study the many layers.  

I currently have a studio in Ponte Vedra and in Maine, where I spend the summers, and I am now represented by the Portland Gallery of Art in Portland, ME and the Grand Gallery in Kennebunk, ME.