Vicky Lennon



"Vibrant colors and rich textures explode on the surface of my non-objective work. 

My paintings are always a process. I work intuitively as the image evolves.  Varied layers of glazing give lushness and depth, while the addition of mediums helps to create the textures that emerge in the final image. I work pushing and pulling shapes, surfaces, and colors, until I am excited with the uniqueness of each piece.  

I am currently working on two series.  The first is inspired by the 6 month boating adventure my husband, John, our cocker, Cutter and I took in our 34 ft power catamaran around the Great American Loop.  The trip took us from Jacksonville, Fla., up the Intracoastal waterway and to Atlantic City, New York City, Quebec City Canada, Ottawa, and then through the Great Lakes, down the  great Mississippi River, the Gulf of Mexico and back to our home port, Jacksonville, Fl, via Sarasota, the Okeechobee Waterway  and Vero Beach to name a few of our ports. 

The second is a collection of bright, colorful abstract and non-objective pieces inspired by the experiences surrounding my heart attack and rehabilitation. I share the story in my continuing Happy Heart series of paintings in hopes that it will help other women realize heart attacks strike everyone differently and to listen to their body and their own feelings and intuition.  These series intermingle because the heart attack occurred in a marina at the beginning of the first attempt of our Great Loop Adventure. 

I look for the good in every situation and create art to reflect the positive.  My escape from the day’s problems is to the frustration and enjoyment of creating beauty.  I invite the viewer to stop for a while and experience the joy, excitement, tension, or serenity in each mosaic of color and texture."