Marilyn Antram

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Artist Statement

An Ohio-born artist and design major who spent her early years in the vibrant creative arena of American Greetings in Cleveland, Marilyn has become an accomplished impressionist in both acrylics and oils after working for many years at her first career of graphic design. She felt the call to leave the computer and pursue the fine art call. Having done extensive illustration all during her career, drawing was second nature to her, so she consulted with some of Jacksonville’s well known artists about the mediums and techniques of painting and began. It has been a rewarding decision, both professionally and personally in a relatively short time.

Marilyn has developed a fondness for the coastal US and, especially, Florida. She has painted a succession of colorful scenes of harbors from Massachussets to North Florida featuring working fishing boats. Other subject interests are North Florida’s nostalgic towns and historic districts like Fernandina Beach and St. Augustine capturing the quaint culture and tradition of these appealing destinations.

Of course, “the glory of nature”… the beauty around us, is a prime subject, whether it’s flowers growing in a garden or in a vase, or an amazing landscape, she tries to transfer the beauty of the scene to the viewer. She calls herself a “new impressionist,” reflecting a boldness in stroke and color that illuminates her wide range of subjects, captured first by her camera. She paints only scenes she has photographed herself or painted “en-plein-air.”