Diane L. Hart

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Artist Statement

I grew up in western Maryland. It was a wonderful time when our moms could pack the kids a lunch, send us on our way and tell us to be home by dinner time. There were adventures to be had, and so many interesting things to discover. In my mind, I have never left those days. Somehow, that feeling always finds its way into my paintings. I love the feeling of discovery!
I was always thrilled when school started, because that meant a brand new box of crayons, paper, pencils and erasers! That was so inspiring to my young, artistic imagination. Dogs and horses were my main themes. Any kind of art was always my most favorite subject. As an adolescent, I had the priviledge of living down the street from my minister, R. Benjamin Jones. I watched him with great interest as he grew in his artistic journey. Watching him, I saw a great example of a man pursuing excellence in his artwork. I believe I have emulated his example by starting to learn to paint as an empty nester. Once my chicks left the nest, I began taking classes, learning , studying, and attending workshops whenever possible. Once I started learning, there was no turning back. My husband jokes that there is another man in my life. His name is "Art".
I have been fortunate to have had so many wonderful and giving teachers. I have had the opportunity to attend workshops and classes taught by David Leffel, Robert A. Johnson, Morgan Samuel Price, Bill Davidson, Albert Handell, Jim Richards, Lori Putnam, Anne Blair Brown , Dawn Whitelaw and Debra Nadelhoffer. Last, but not least, I mention Charles Young Walls, who has been my ongoing teacher for years. As an amazingly energetic and knowledgeable artist and teacher, he has helped me tirelessly on my own artistic journey!
As you look at my paintings, I hope they will evoke memories from your past or dreams for the future.