Michelangelo Circle
$5,000 and Above

Helen Coppedge
Maria Cox
Walter Dickinson
Arthur and Janice Hayden
Christine Smith
John and Patricia Tancredi
United Way of St. Johns County
Wingood Foundation
Florida Cultural Affairs
Lazzara Family Foundation
PGA Tour, Inc.
TDC - Board of County Commissioners
Woodcock Foundation
Wyman Persbacker Foundation

Titian Circle
$2,500 - $4,999

Ron and Hilah Autrey
Stephen and Phyllis Bachand
Frank and Daryl Barker
Donald and Lavonne Blackburn
George and Dottie Dorion
Tim and Holly Finchem
Robert and Monica Jacoby
Walter and Becky Jewett
Bob and Janice Machin
Jim and Dee Pope
Ponte Vedra Beach Rotary
Teresa Radzinski

Da Vinci Circle
$1,000 - $2,500

Albert and Janan Bateh
Robert and Sandra Beers
Bill and Christine Bennett
Tom and Terry Blady
Stephen and Sharon Booma
Lynn Cabrera
Gary and Nancy Chartrand
Andy and Toni Crawford
Greg and Mary Jayne Derderian
Tom and Jean Dodson
DuBow Family Foundation
Peter and Cathy Fitzpatrick
Martin and Suzanne Flamm
Jerome Fletcher
Suzanne Lamb Franco
Tom and Barbara Gartland
Mary Godley
Fred and Linda Goldsmith
Ray Gottschalk
Bob and Sallie Ann Hart
Hank Herzog-Jewett
Tom and Bondy Hodgkins
Barbara Holding
George and Linda Hossenlopp
Michael and Maryann Imbriani
Earline Jordan
Mike and Leslie Kleiman 
Harold and Sunny Krivan
Donn and Janet Lithgow
Joe and Corrine Martin
Bill and Fran Matthews
John McKean
Carole McManus
Ron and Jenny Natherson
Wayne and Jane Novak
Leslie Palmer
Sally Strand Honorium
Joe and Midge Scelzo
John and Patsy Shields
Swisher International, Inc.
Bonnie Talley
Jim and Linda Thornwell
Dick and Linda Williams
John and Janet Wilson