Christ Church Cares Shepherds

Shepherds of Christ Church Cares

For Parishioners with Last Names from A-E
Bonnie Crook214-557-5363[email protected]
Bob Lowery904-363-3937[email protected]
Dottie Olson904-223-5917[email protected]
Larry Roland904-333-9669[email protected]
For Parishioners with Last Names from F-K
Dave Bovee904-210-0023[email protected]
Ron Kessner904-866-0096[email protected]
Alice Hill904-285-2254[email protected]
For Parishioners with Last Names from L-R
Louise Driscoll305-302-8548[email protected]
Larry Nelligan630-649-8121[email protected]
Marta Smith904-514-4337[email protected]
For Parishioners with Last Names from S-Z
Lee Hunter904-234-0298[email protected]
Marianne Aniskevich904-683-0029[email protected]
Scott Semko904-477-9299[email protected]
Cypress Village
Mayes Barnett904-307-0756[email protected]
Fleet Landing
Dottie Mann904-249-5216[email protected]
Vicar's Landing
Marjie Wood904-285-9761[email protected]
Shepherd Leader
Barbara Filoromo904-280-1483[email protected]