Christ Church Cuba Ministry

Christ Church’s Cuba Ministry provides clean drinking water, food and educational supplies for those in need in our companion parish in Guira, Cuba. Covid has deeply impacted this already vulnerable community. Travel restrictions kept our planned mission trip from taking off this year, but we continue to support the community financially through several ongoing projects. For more information on this longstanding ministry, contact Fr. Andreis Diaz.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study & Breakfast

At $1 per meal, $52 supplies breakfast for one person every Tuesday for one year.
$1300 will feed the entire 25 person Bible Study crowd breakfast each week for one year.

Vacation Bible School

The cost of running this 4 day program is about 3.00 dollars per child x 30 children: $360.00 per year.

Water Purification System

This system, installed by Christ Church parishioners, serves not only the entire town but two small towns around that come to get water for their dental and maternity clinics. Operating costs include wages for part time purification operators:

$35.00 per month x 3 operators = $105 per month x 12 1260.00
$200.00 for maintenance and supplies
Total cost to operate per year: $1,460