Christ Church Covenant Society

What Will Be Your Life’s Legacy?

We are stewards of God’s bounty, His caretakers.

For a brief period we are given time, energy, and resources. What we do with these gifts ultimately defines the character of our life and the depth of our spiritual understanding.

The mission of Christ Episcopal Church is Transforming lives through the love of God in Christ.

For those who love our church and wish to ensure that lives continue to be transformed by our faith and ministries for generations to come, planned giving provides an often overlooked opportunity.

Planned giving encompasses a variety of ways gifts can be made to the church from your accumulated resources. It can be your legacy of faith in perpetuity; a way to remember Christ Church in your estate plan while still providing for your family.

Planned giving usually involves financial or estate planning; however, it is not reserved for the wealthy. It is a means by which anyone concerned with the wise use of their personal resources makes a considered choice about their ultimate disposition.

The church development office is available to help as you consider the options that may be appropriate for your personal circumstances.

The purpose of the Covenant Society is to recognize and honor parishioners who have remembered Christ Church in their estate plans. If you have made such provisions or are thinking of doing so, please consider notifying the Director of Development. We want to ensure you are sincerely thanked for your faithfulness.


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Director of Development
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What is Planned Giving?

In general, planned gifts are made through:

Planned giving establishes a way for a donor to provide for family members while remembering Christ Church as well. It often enables you to provide more for your heirs and to make a larger gift than thought possible. It often reduces taxes as well.