Life Events


We welcome both children and adults in Holy Baptism. As one of the Sacraments of the Church, Baptism uses the symbols of water, oil, and candlelight to express the deep change that God makes real in us as we enter into life in Christ. We are marked as Christ’s own. In the waters of baptism, we are named as children of God and welcomed into Christ’s body on earth, which we call The Church. Parents and sponsors (often referred to as godparents) make promises on behalf of infants and young children. Children who can speak for themselves and adults make their own promises. Most people have questions about Baptism and some adults are even embarrassed to come forward and ask, if they have not been baptized. Don’t be, we are always so happy to welcome new people to the Christian family.

Find upcoming baptism dates and learn more here.

For more information, please contact The Rev. Laura Mann Magevney.


In Confirmation, baptized persons are “confirmed” in the Christian faith with the laying on of hands by a bishop. This is a service where we ask the Holy Spirit to bless those who come forward to reaffirm the faith they professed in Baptism. When Baptism promises were made on behalf of young children by parents and godparents, confirmation serves as an individual’s personal declaration of faith in God and and an offering of life to God’s will and a commitment to life within the community of Christ, not only at Christ Church but around the world with other Christians. Confirmation is part of a journey, begun at Baptism. It is a time of exploration, discovery and commitment which will require participants to grow in community with God and each other as well as engage in the life of the Church.

Contact our Director of Youth Ministry, Brooks Slater, for information on youth confirmation classes. Contact The Rev. Laura Mann Magevney for information on confirmation, reception or reaffirmation for adults.


Getting married in the context of a Christian service is a great start of your life together. We offer all our worship sites as wedding venues and you can request clergy attend your wedding off campus. We use the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer Service at all our weddings. The Book of Common Prayer is online for your reference. When we perform services in the main church or chapel on our Ponte Vedra campus, we offer a wedding coordination team to ensure that your special day is as stress-free as possible. Contact Liz McCarthy to discuss holding your wedding ceremony at Christ Church. 904-285-6127 


Those who have been confirmed in other denominations by a bishop in the historic succession (Roman Catholic, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, or Eastern Orthodox) may be received into the Episcopal Church. Many people choose to be Received as a way of affirming their baptism; of acceding a stronger affinity with the spirituality, ethos, practice, and sensibility of the Episcopal Church; and of ritually acknowledging a deeper, more mature faith commitment.

Funeral Services

The clergy, staff and members of Christ Church are here to support you when there is a death in your family, or as you prepare for your own death. We offer funeral and memorial services in our Church and Chapel. Our services use the Book of Common Prayer and there is plenty of space to choose music and readings. Many choose to have Holy Communion at the service. We have professional musicians and a great florist. We work with all local funeral directors, and we have a trained professional team to coordinate funerals. Parishioners may purchase space in the Memorial Garden. We also offer a pre-need funeral planning option, which can be a blessing at a difficult time. Clergy may be available for alternative venues, especially for parishioners. For details, please contact us at 904-285-6127 .


Those who have been baptized and confirmed in the Episcopal Church (or any member church in the Anglican Communion) and wish to recommit themselves to the Christian life of faith may choose to reaffirm their baptismal covenant.