Building Our Lives of Discipleship

The Need

The Ponte Vedra campus of Christ Church is a hub of activity throughout the year. In addition to activities related to our own robust ministries, formation, arts, fellowship, and service, we host nearly one thousand non-church related community meetings and events here each year. We had reached a point where we couldn’t accommodate more weekday and Sunday ministries in our existing space.

Built in the early 1950s, much of our campus did not meet our physical needs for space, and the older, less efficient structures at the center of our campus needed to be replaced. The aging structures had developed significant maintenance issues, which led to higher operating costs each year, and our preschool facilities required security upgrades.

In addition to our current capital needs, we seek to pay down existing debt from the building of the Parish Center, which brought much-needed space and functionality to our campus. Over the course of that previous project, however, the economy took a bad turn, and some pledges were not able to be fulfilled, resulting in our carrying over $4 million in debt. We’ve paid down $2 million of that so far, and we hope to retire $1.4 million more to proceed confidently. Additional funds raised would go toward our endowment to build in more financial security for the BOLD Future of the Church.

A Plan for the Future

We firmly believe that now is the time – a once-in-a-generation opportunity to ensure a BOLD future for the Church and the community we serve.

Guided by the goals and imperatives of our Mission and Strategic Focus, and seeking input from parishioners and school families, we have created a Master Site Plan that will help us and future generations of Disciples build God’s Kingdom.

We have engaged the services of Jacksonville-based architecture, planning, and design firm ELM | Ervin Lovett Miller, along with Auld & White Construction to define a building project that will help us bring our vision into focus. In total, the plan calls for approximately

20,268 square feet of renovation, and 21,000 square feet of new construction.

Target Dates:

  • Construction began in Summer of 2018
  • Estimated time to complete is 22-26 months

Financial goal: $13,900,000

Projected Usage

  • Building design, construction, FF&E, etc. $11,600,000
  • Financing cost $700,000*
  • Debt relief $1,400,000
  • Endowment $200,000

*Early gifts (cash) will reduce financing costs by lessening construction loan interest. God willing, we hope to allocate additional campaign funds toward paying down a portion of our existing debt as well as building our endowment, in support of the Church’s mission into the future.

Strategic Planning

Christ Church has been involved in a deliberate and comprehensive strategic planning process over the course of the last three plus years. As a result of that work, we defined our mission, and three areas of strategic focus.

Our Mission

Transforming lives through the love of God in Christ.

Areas of Strategic Focus

Deepening the faith of current members through the six practices of prayer, study, worship, service, giving, and fellowship.

For those not yet members, creating new “doorways in” and throwing them open in invitation and hospitality.

Becoming a Church for the 21st Century
Translating the language of the Church into the language of the Millennial and younger generations, while leveraging technology, digital resources, and environmental stewardship to reach them in new and relevant ways.

Much work has been done in pursuit of these priorities, and much more lies ahead.

Foundational Principles

Be good neighbors
No increase in campus footprint, no new property acquisition, and no major zoning variances.

Space sharing
All new and renovated spaces must be flexible and versatile for multi-purpose use.

Environmental awareness
Be good stewards of creation.

Capital Priorities

  • A New Christ Church Preschool
  • Formation and Arts Building
  • Connections Center and Office
  • Cooper Chapel and Solana Road Entrance
  • Secure the Financial Future of Christ Church
    • Pledge Progress76%


    Honorary Chairs
    Fr. Jim and Tay Cooper

    Steve and Betsy Crosby
    Lou and Heather Fouts
    Hollie Anderson
    Martha Baker
    Darby Brower
    Cheryl Brownlee
    Ed Burr
    Ken DeVault
    Tom Dodson
    Wayne Galloway
    Rodger Goldman
    Byron Hodnett
    Leslie Hodnett
    Jay McGarvey
    Bill Murdock
    Rose Murdock
    Ned Peverley
    Tom Smith
    Russ Thomas
    Amy Wacaster
    Thom Wilkinson
    John Willim
    Fr. Tom Reeder
    Fr. Keith Oglesby

    Mike Shepherd
    Liz McCarthy
    Nancy White