Bold Welcome

Bold Welcome

A beautifully landscaped, 40’ wide garden walkway will span the length of the campus from the surface parking and new school entry, past the Parish Center, leading into the main courtyard.

We will renovate the existing office building to create more efficient, user-friendly administrative space for clergy, staff, visitors, members and volunteers.

Our existing reception area will be transformed into a Connections Center – with easy access to information and resources.

  • Improved wayfinding / signage throughout the campus.
  • Hospitality and informal meeting areas.
  • Employ state-of-the-art technology.
    • Pledge Progress76%


    Honorary Chairs
    Fr. Jim and Tay Cooper

    Steve and Betsy Crosby
    Lou and Heather Fouts
    Hollie Anderson
    Martha Baker
    Darby Brower
    Cheryl Brownlee
    Ed Burr
    Ken DeVault
    Tom Dodson
    Wayne Galloway
    Rodger Goldman
    Byron Hodnett
    Leslie Hodnett
    Jay McGarvey
    Bill Murdock
    Rose Murdock
    Ned Peverley
    Tom Smith
    Russ Thomas
    Amy Wacaster
    Thom Wilkinson
    John Willim
    Fr. Tom Reeder
    Fr. Keith Oglesby

    Mike Shepherd
    Liz McCarthy
    Nancy White