Christ Church Cares

Caring for One Another

Christ Church pastoral care ministry is composed of a team of clergy and over 200 lay volunteers. Working together, they assist, support and encourage parishioners at times of vulnerability in their lives and celebrate with them in times of joy.

Shepherds, Pastoral Support, Pastoral Resources, and innovative programming all combine to create a system to meet the needs of this large congregation and ensure that No One Walks Alone.

From support to families of newborns to hosting a reception after a memorial service and at many points between, hundreds of volunteers at Christ Church demonstrate the love and concern they have for parishioners during these special times in their lives.



For more information on Christ Church  pastoral support ministries, contact:

The Rev. Amy Slater
Senior Associate Rector
[email protected]

Liz McCarthy
Director of Pastoral Care 
and Executive Assistant to the Clergy
[email protected]